Monday, June 20, 2011

Cool Ass Blog of the Week

OMG, I haven't been here in FOREVER!!! And for that I am sorry.  Sometimes I just feel like no one cares what I have to say, and other times I have so much to say, but am afraid to say it here, lest someone from my tiny town read it and start trouble.  But I'm really going to try harder to post more, and hope that someone likes it!

I follow many blogs.  It is hard to keep up with them all on a regular basis.  Yesterday, I chose one I liked and read the whole thing start to finish.  It's called "Zombie Mom's Undead Household Tips and Recipes". It is a really cool blog!  Zombie Mom is a bit obsessed with, well, zombies, duh! lol  She has posted pics of some really cute Halloween decorating ideas, which I want to try, like, now.  She says she starts decorating in August lol.  She seems like a real cool chick, and I hope that she continues to blog so I have something to do!  Please go and check her out at the link above and drop her a line!

(pic from her blog)