Monday, July 30, 2012

circa aug 2007


Ok, so today was Homecoming.  Not of the football variety, tho.  It's basically when all the class reunions happen, and there's a big ass parade, street vendors, bands, etc all day down town, and fireworks.  Our town doesn't have fireworks for any other holiday; it saves all the $ for Homecoming.  I spent the day with Lolly and the kids.  I had a really good time but got one hell of a sunburn.  (and more tiny freckles on my shoulders.  if you've been keeping up with me, you would know that my special guy will needs to think they are cute, so, just more cuteness for me! lol)
The coolest thing about today was not seeing M in town, not getting a dough boy, not even that the drummer of one of the bands looks kinda like J and got my motor running.  It was that I got a good chance to enjoy the Goddess tonight.  Lolly was running late for picking me up for the fireworks cuz Miss Sadie is sick.  So I decided that I would go to the end of my driveway and see them from there.  The breeze wrapped around me, cooling and soothing my sunburned skin.  It has been so unbearably hot and humid these last 2 weeks, and it's just draining everything out of me so it seemed particularly beautiful.  The stars are out in full force; I saw one of the Dippers, (I think the Big one, but I don't know much about stars...yet) The grass was refreshingly cool sit on.  I just sat there on the grass, and just really enjoyed our Earth for a while.  It was also a great place for viewing the fireworks.  Although I was joined after a while by one of my neighbors and 3 of her friends, I had such a great time.  The fireworks were so pretty.  The finale was the best finale I have ever seen.  Just simply gorgeous.  After awhile, my allergies kicked in and I started coughing and itching all over.  The moment was shattered.  But moments like this are so special.  They are what life is really all about.  Like beautiful beads, I plan on stringing these moments into a necklace to wear around my soul.


ok, so I used to blog on Myspace, and some of them were pretty funny, so I decided to put them up here for your reading enjoyment!

Things I learned in 2006
1) Never fuck a man with the same name as your mother
3) you can choose to find the best in everyone, but in the end they all turn out to be crazy as shit house rats
4) Jagermeister is yucky
5) people really do like and care about me
6) I don't really suck as bad as I think I do
7) ketchup is not a sex toy
8) Who my real friends are
9) never let a drunk person cut your hair
10) how to be a goddess
11) don't count 100% on the 'baby test' on choosing a man to be with (if the baby likes him, he must be good, right???)
12) what it feels like to (almost) get (almost) what you want
13) that my mom really does care
14) that I won't burn in hell for saying "FUCK" and listening to AC/DC
15) if someone leaves you when you need them most, they were never really yours in the first place
16) how to make an Excel spreadsheet
17) Dating one alcoholic is not much different from being married to another alcoholic; same shit, different guy
18) what it's like for once to be wanted because I am a good person not just a good fuck, and then to screw it up because all i wanted was to fuck
19) I really am stronger than I think I am
20) I've got it going on enough to pick up a hottie IN MY PAJAMAS
(go me, go me)
21) What it's like to be with a "bad boy"
22) Wrap your Stump before You Hump
23) no where is ever really safe
24) Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin stuff from Bath and Body Works drives men crazy
25) how to be a player and to be played
26) men who are hurting tend to hurt others
27) some things (and people) never change
28) I CAN go places alone
29) Maybe I'm not as ready for a relationship as I thought I was
30) I was made in the image of the Goddess, and I am lovely in her sight
31) how to read Tarot cards
32) What it feels like to be treated well by a man
33) I am more than just a good fuck
34) I deserve to be treated well
35) It doesn't matter how many spells you do, if it is going to harm you, it won't work
36) that iPods ROCK
37) My Name is Earl is a really good show
38) When it comes to penises, it's either feast or famine
39) Sometimes when you play, you gotta pay
40) It is NOT ok to be hurt even if the guy stays with you
41) Movies that are not rated are better than Cinemax after 10PM
42) What an emo kid is
43) That I want to fuck Ami from Miami Ink
44) Just cuz a man hangs his coat up in the closet and puts his own clothes away does not mean he wont fuck you over or fuck you up
45) Spinach does taste good
46) What your mom tells you is really true: people pick on others because they are jealous
47) My favorite saying of 2006: "go fuck yaself"
48) How to milk a man- altho my attempt was unsuccessful
49) that being a witch/pagan ROCKS
50) the power of being a woman
51) Being pagan and believing in Jesus is not mutually exclusive
52) the power and peace of meditation
53) You shouldn't sleep with someone just because you feel obligated
54) what it's like to be on the leaving end of a one night stand (god, that's uncomfortable!! you men make it look so easy!)
55) Sometime, when I wasn't looking, I grew up... a lot 

Goddess of the Month for July- Vesta

Vesta, or Mistress Vesta, as I call her is the Goddess I chose for July.  I'm late in posting this, since in 2 days it will be August, but I hope you enjoy and find this useful!

To ensure fortune, health and happiness for your family, honor Vesta by making a hearty, home cooked meal.  Pick comfort foods that everyone can enjoy.  Sit some bread, a small dish of water and a few pinches of salt in the middle of the dinner table as an offering to Vesta and light a white candle to represent her fire and say the following blessing:

“Wherever a home is tended
Vesta makes a sanctuary 
Preserve our home and family
In love, health and safety.”

Vesta, bless this hearth and home
Bring health to our bellies and strength to our bones
Bless those whose arms are empty and long for a baby
To nourish and bring up in love and to honor the goddess
In her many faces
Bless those who hunger and guide our hands to serve them
Bless us all with love and peace
And help us to remember you in all fires and flames.


Colors:  orange, brown
Sabbats:  Imbolc, Lammas, Mabon
Festivals: Vestalia (June 7-15), March 1 (old New Years Day)
Animal:  Ass

     Vesta, not to be confused with Hestia, who, although similar, are 2 distinct deities, is the Roman goddess of the hearth, home, and the sacred flame.  She was always invoked last during ceremonies.  She was the last  and ultimately only Roman deity who was served by an all female priesthood (the Vestal Virgins).  Her temple was round.  She was so sacred to the Romans that her traditions could never be changed, even when certain things fell out of fashion.
     Vestal Virgins were honored above other women; they had more legal and economic privileges than ordinary Roman women.  It was an honor to be chosen for this service.  A Vestal served for 30 years: 10 years learning the Mysteries of Vesta, 10 in service to the Goddess, and 10 training their replacements.  While serving the Goddess, Vestals were sworn to stay virginal, but after they retired from service they were free to marry.  Breaking her vows was a serious offence.  Their primary role was to make sure the sacred flame of Rome never went out, and if it did, the priestesses were punished.  They also made the mola salsa which were ritual salt cakes that were offered to Vesta as a sacrifice, sprinkled over other animals who were to be sacrificed to other gods and used to purify space.
     Vesta is also honored in the home.  She is present in any flame (even though most don’t cook on fire stoves anymore, she is also found in an oven’s pilot light)  Any offerings to her should be set directly on a flame.  Since she is an oracular goddess as well as of the flame, she can give you information via flame gazing.