Monday, July 30, 2012

circa aug 2007


Ok, so today was Homecoming.  Not of the football variety, tho.  It's basically when all the class reunions happen, and there's a big ass parade, street vendors, bands, etc all day down town, and fireworks.  Our town doesn't have fireworks for any other holiday; it saves all the $ for Homecoming.  I spent the day with Lolly and the kids.  I had a really good time but got one hell of a sunburn.  (and more tiny freckles on my shoulders.  if you've been keeping up with me, you would know that my special guy will needs to think they are cute, so, just more cuteness for me! lol)
The coolest thing about today was not seeing M in town, not getting a dough boy, not even that the drummer of one of the bands looks kinda like J and got my motor running.  It was that I got a good chance to enjoy the Goddess tonight.  Lolly was running late for picking me up for the fireworks cuz Miss Sadie is sick.  So I decided that I would go to the end of my driveway and see them from there.  The breeze wrapped around me, cooling and soothing my sunburned skin.  It has been so unbearably hot and humid these last 2 weeks, and it's just draining everything out of me so it seemed particularly beautiful.  The stars are out in full force; I saw one of the Dippers, (I think the Big one, but I don't know much about stars...yet) The grass was refreshingly cool sit on.  I just sat there on the grass, and just really enjoyed our Earth for a while.  It was also a great place for viewing the fireworks.  Although I was joined after a while by one of my neighbors and 3 of her friends, I had such a great time.  The fireworks were so pretty.  The finale was the best finale I have ever seen.  Just simply gorgeous.  After awhile, my allergies kicked in and I started coughing and itching all over.  The moment was shattered.  But moments like this are so special.  They are what life is really all about.  Like beautiful beads, I plan on stringing these moments into a necklace to wear around my soul.

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