Saturday, June 12, 2010

Praying for the Ocean

What is happening in our country is horrendous. As I read the Sea Witch's blog, tears rolled dowm my face. A bunch of Pagan blogs are passing around the message that today, during the New Moon, that we all pray, send light, do spells, call upon our deities for the healing of the ocean and all of her innocent animal babies. Please do join all of us. I heard about it via Mrs. B's blog. We all came from the sea, She is another face of the Goddess and She is screaming with pain and agony and hurt that we have directly or indirectly caused. Here is a prayer from my prayer book, "The Wiccan Prayer Book" by Mark Ventimiglia O my Lady, you are the Earth, the Seas, the Air, and the Life of this Planet we live on. Through the negligence of humankind, coupled with unreserved greed, we have done severe damage to the seas, oceans, rivers and streams. Wather is your precious gift. It is life giving and very nourishing. we need wather to live and remain healthy. The very existence of all life on Earth needs this very special gift. Please allow humanity to wake up before it's too late and see the damage that has already been done by pollution and ignorance. Help us to put plans into effect that will end the pollution of our waterways, thereby saving this very important gift for future generations. Blessed Be

What I've been up to...

I really need to get back to blogging; I have so much to say! LOL things are up and down with Zeus, as usual. He's actually been living with me for the last month. He just couldn't stand staying where he was staying, so he just spent the night one night and hasn't left lol. He got the apartment right across the driveway from me. Everyone thinks that this is going to be bad, bad, bad for me; if I see him bringing other women home, I might not be able to handle it. And, yes, he's said he has women "north, south, east and west and one in Bowerbank" (a neighboring town) One of them actually called him here the other night. I flipped out... we had had a wonderful weekend the week before. It was one of those times that you can just feel in your soul that is a changing moment in your relationship. So to think that he really had other women in the wings really hurt. He went thru the whole "we aren't a couple...I love you but not like that...I just want to have fun and screw as many different women as I's just sex... they don't expect anything from me... I don't want a girlfriend..." speech. I said something about that weekend being a disaster, and he got upset and said that he didn't feel that way at all. Eventually, I calmed down. A voice in my head said that I have his heart and his soul. These other women may have his body for an hour or so, but I have his heart. He told me over and over again that if he didn't want to be here with me, he wouldn't be. So... I don't know. This whole "going with the flow" thing is harder than it sounds.