Saturday, June 12, 2010

Praying for the Ocean

What is happening in our country is horrendous. As I read the Sea Witch's blog, tears rolled dowm my face. A bunch of Pagan blogs are passing around the message that today, during the New Moon, that we all pray, send light, do spells, call upon our deities for the healing of the ocean and all of her innocent animal babies. Please do join all of us. I heard about it via Mrs. B's blog. We all came from the sea, She is another face of the Goddess and She is screaming with pain and agony and hurt that we have directly or indirectly caused. Here is a prayer from my prayer book, "The Wiccan Prayer Book" by Mark Ventimiglia O my Lady, you are the Earth, the Seas, the Air, and the Life of this Planet we live on. Through the negligence of humankind, coupled with unreserved greed, we have done severe damage to the seas, oceans, rivers and streams. Wather is your precious gift. It is life giving and very nourishing. we need wather to live and remain healthy. The very existence of all life on Earth needs this very special gift. Please allow humanity to wake up before it's too late and see the damage that has already been done by pollution and ignorance. Help us to put plans into effect that will end the pollution of our waterways, thereby saving this very important gift for future generations. Blessed Be

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