Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Samhain Giveaway!

Ok, so in the spirit of giving, I have decided to do a giveaway, too. I want a chance to spread the love!
 I am extremely low-fi; I don't have a camera that I can hook up to the computer to show you pics of the giveaway, so please forgive that.  The image here is from

This oracle deck is really neat.  I have several things from Monte Farber and Amy Zerner and I really like them. 
Also, for this giveaway, I will include:
~ a little bag of crystal chips
~ a blank greeting card and a "pocket affirmation" that I have made with my own 2 hands
~ a detailed Goddess oracle reading, which I will email to you.

All you have to do to enter is:
~ become a blog follower
~ leave your name/email addy so I can email you if you win
I'm pretty easy to please. 


innocence and magic said...

and oh, btw, contest ends Friday @ midnight. I want to make sure the prize gets to the winner by Samhain.

Liz said...

I found this contest via Mrs. B. Love your blog! Count me in!
obventions at yahoo dot com

Ayreonfae said...

Found Vis Mrs. B, I love the title of your blog and all I have had a chance to read so far.

Nydia said...

I came via Mrs. B.' Facebook page. I love your blog layout, it's so sweet!

I'd love to try to win this awesome giveaway, but I'm from Brazil, so let me know if I can enter! If not, I totally understand, I'll follow your page anyway. ;)

Kisses from Nydia.

innocence and magic said...

Nydia, you most certainly can enter! Thanks for your support. Now, you do the Salamander (sp?) blog, is that right? I have not been there yet, but will be stopping by later!

dcs6460 said...

Also here via Mrs.B, Love your blog!
My name is Desba and my email is

Ann said...

Found thru Mrs. B, happy to be a follower! Your blog looks very interesting! My name is Toni and my addy is