Monday, October 25, 2010


I don't remember when or where I discovered Yemaya, but I know it wasn't long before she became my "Mamacita".  It's funny, I always thought of the Venus of Willendorf as my Mamacita, and I still do, but Yemaya is now, too.  And it's ok that they both are; that's what feels right for me.  Another funny thing is how a little white girl from the sticks came together with 3 strong, powerful, awesome goddesses from the Afro-Carribean/Yoruban/Santerian culture, but I'm so glad that we did.

 This is my Yemaya doll from Kelli at Dancing Goddess Dolls.  Isn't she beautiful?  Here is what the card that came with her says:

"I am Yemaya, the Mother of Waters, the Star of the Sea.  I am the mother of many gods, the protectress of women and children.  I hold a special place in my heart for all mothers, and look on as the women of the Earth conceive, hold life, give birth and sustain new life with thier own nourishing waters.  I am the fountain of life, the deep ocean, all running waters.  surrender to me for comfort in your times of need, and your troubles will dissolve in the waters of my healing embrace."

Originally a river goddess of the Yoruban people of Eastern Africa, Yemaya traveled across the ocean with her people when they were captured to become slaves in the new world, thus becoming goddess of the ocean. 
Correspondances (according to "The Encylopedia of Spirits by Judika Illes"---this is a partial list)
Colors: blue and white
Creatures: fish and all sea creatures
Element: Water
Minerals: quartz crystal, pearls, coral
Day: Saturday
Times:  Feb. 2;  Summer Solstice; New Years Eve/Day
Manifestations:  Woman or a mermaid; always very beautiful, no matter which form she chooses to take

Also of note to me, particularly since I don't live near the ocean:  Oshun, another of my triad of Yoruban deities, who is a river goddess, will take your offerings to the sea and Yemaya for you if you aren't able to get to the sea yourself.  But please ask Oshun first, and bring her a little gift for her troubles.

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