Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thoughts Needed!

I am really interested in what you all think of this, so please comment away!

Ok, so on New Years Eve, I was "attempting" to meditate.  I say attempt, because I'm not sure if what I do is actually meditating.  So I was lying on the floor in front of my altar, which I had just decorated for Yemaya, and did some deep breathing.  Since I am a daughter of the Goddess, I usually only work with Feminine energy (except Anubis, but that's another story).  I was figuring I would think about Yemaya or Oya, or Aphrodite, as she is my latest pocket doll from Dancing Goddess Dolls.  But the only thing that kept repeating in my head was "Damballah... Damballah... Damballah..."  It wouldn't stop.  This has sort of happened before; it's how I met Aine.  I am a firm believer that there are no coincidences in life and if someone's name repeats in your head over and over, then someone is trying to tell you something. 
I kind of thought I was predisposed to thinking of Damballah, as I had picked up a book and was kind of skimming thru it and ended up on a guided meditation to commune with  Him.  I've read that book several times and was always a little intimidated by Him, so I kinda always skipped over that part.  I've done a little more reading about him and I can't figure out why He would want to get my attention.  What do you all think?  Has this ever happened to any of you?  Got any ideas?  I'm thinking about making an offering for Him on my altar of flour and a white egg.  He seems so vast (for lack of a better word) what would he want of me?  And why does a little white girl from the sticks keep attracting African/Voudoo/Santerian deities?  Please let me know what you think!


mrsb said...

As another white girl who has a relationship with Yoruban deities, I can only say that when called, you listen, lol!

It might not seem obvious now, but keep your eyes open, and maybe do a bit more research on him. Sooner or later, he'll let you know why he was demanding your attention.

innocence and magic said...

Mrs B, that is so cool that you do, too! Oya is like my BFF. Yemaya is like my Mother. Then there are Oshun and Oba. Is Damballah considered Youruban? I only read so far that He was Haitian. I think I remember you saying something about being interested in Voudoo (sp?) Can you recommend any good books?

Anonymous said...

vast.....vast and endless possibilities and protections for you! happy new year, lovey. sometimes it's better not to ask why and just accept the love. vast! awesome! xo jackieblue

Lyn said...

Just enjoy the ride and work with the deities who have chosen you! It's interesting to see who shows up when we begin to open up on the path - it's usually not who we expect or sometimes would like to see.