Friday, February 26, 2010


A while back, Mrs B wrote an examiner article on 5 easy ways to bring deity into your every day life. Number 1 on that list is to choose a family incenseto light daily. I know I'm single, but I want to start my own traditions. So after much deliberation, I chose 2 scents from Azure Green- Venus and Rose. This is what the site says about them: "Imbued with many of the qualities of the astrological sign of the same name, our Venus incense fills any room in which it burns with a powerful presence of happiness and friendship. In ritual you`ll find that it is a potent aid in spells seeking to inspire love joy and friendship, and upon the altar it makes a fantastic aid in meditation, tending to lend a positive bent towards whatever path your mind takes." "Filling the room in which it`s burned with the sweet fragrance of roses, our Rose incense is a welcome addition to any home. Alternatively, you can burn it upon your altar in ritual, aiding in spells that focus on love and fertility, as well as utilize to empower your favorite house-blessing spell. " - The house blessing sounded really good to me, and so didn't the happiness and friendship part. I couldn't choose between the 2, so I got them both. I'm hoping that they really empart blessings on everyone who enters my home!

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