Sunday, March 28, 2010

10 things I love about you

One of my favorite Shakespeare plays is "Taming of the Shrew". One of my favorite teen movies is "10 things I hate about you", which is a modern take on Shakespeare. I have begun to lose my patience with Zeus. Half of me is ready to just leave, the other half is scared shitless of that moment. So, in honor of Zeus, Shakespeare, Heath Ledger, and the power of positive thinking, here is a list to remind me why I'm still here. 10 Things I Love about You 1) the way you eat lobster 2) your chest (dead sexy!) and how in the summer when you work all the time, your arms get muscly and sexy :o) 3) that in your own, highly dysfunctional way, you really do care about the peope close to you 4) the way your tummy is always warm when I put my arm around you 5) that you really are very talented at your work 6) how you feed me when you cook 7) the way you get when you're sleepy 8) the sounds you make 9) that you love your daughter 10) the way you make my house feel like a home when you're here I don't know about tomorrow, I can't even promise you today, but for now, I'm still here, and I really do love you...

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