Sunday, March 28, 2010


I got my 1st Etsy order the other day. It was a Strawberry Preserves scented candle from Auntie Di's candle shop. Let me just say, OMG! It smells so freaking delicious I want to eat it with a spoon! Her candles are all soy based, so they are better for the environment. I loved how she sent a little hand written thank you note for the order, and even stuck in a free sample of her wax tarts (country apple, so nice...gave it to my mom who loves anything apple) It really does have a great "throw" of scent; I put it in the bedroom, and the smell floated through my whole apartment. It is just the right amount of scent; it won't bother allergies but makes my place smell like Smuckers lol! Thank you so much Auntie Di! I can't wait to place another order! I want to make my mom a gift basket for her birthday/Mother's Day and I'm going to include a candle or two. Now, just what scent.... I could be here all day! (photo courtesy of Auntie Di:

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